Monthly Archives: November 2014

Are you listening to understand or listening to answer?

Maitland was correct….everything is in listening.  He told us, “the patient will tell us what is wrong with them if we ask the right questions AND listen.  Unfortunately, we are usually too busy “telling” and talking over the listening part.

I just overhead 2 PTs trying (politely) to get a young, educated patient to give his pain measurement on a 0-10 scale AFTER the patient stated, “I look at my pain as Manageable OR Unmanageable, can’t we just use that?”…..

Listening is harder than talking……if not, why don’t we do more of it?  

SETH GODIN….The listener has nearly as big a responsibility as the speaker does, though. And yet, Google reports 4x as many matches for “how to speak” as “how to listen.” It’s not a passive act, not if you want to do it right.  If listening better leads to better speaking, then it becomes a competitive advantage.