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Conversations Are King (No Fear)

This Blog is typically about conversations…..conversations that ultimately lead to good things.  This is what occurred last week in the Big Easy, (or Big Hurt as I have renamed it) New Orleans during PPS 2013 Annual Conference.

 The Southern Hospitality and manners immediately rubbed off on the attendees.  The “Meet and Greets”, the bars, the clubs, the presentations, etc.   ALL these places had people talking to each other.  No one afraid to reach out a hand, introduce themselves and start a conversation.

The conversations at PPS followed a theme, “These people believe that THEY are the change!”  They believe that the power to make change is in their hands.  They knew that the conversations were not about agreeing with each other, they were about talking with others who believed, who knew they were the change.  There was no complaining about others, the phrases like “I have no control’, or the ‘only if……’ statements were not heard.  PPS attendees were not afraid to share or fearful of their ideas.  They had the conversations to inspire others.

 The following is a list ( I have forgotten some….) of the people I want to step off the cliff with………Those with No Fear!

Michael Eisenhart @mikeeisenhart      There were only two options with Mike, start with him or save to last.  This man is the most out of box thinking PT I have ever met!  We rarely talked about “PT”, we talked about entrepreneurs.  We talked about the entrepreneur mindset and what that means….. ( I’ve already emailed him twice while home less than 24hrs).  He wrote a great piece about a room full of people in NOLA

Jamey Schrier @jameyschrier    A PT who sees the Value in sharing what he has learned to help others.  Not afraid to talk about where he’s come from.

Ann Wendel @pranapt      A first time attendee who showed up with a checklist of people she wanted to meet.  She made sure she met them all plus more!  She loved to debrief at the end of the day and talk about her new connections and what she learned.  I then learned from that.

Sturdy Mckee @sturdy     Yes my biz partner.  I saw this self proclaimed (partial) introvert have deep, objective conversations with leaders on the national level.  He got them to truly consider and question the rhetoric and statements and non statements that occurred with CA this year and its Direct Access Bill.  These were not comfortable conversations, yet they were not personal or based in subjective matters.  It was impressive!

Jason Richardson @TNbackpain       Jason is the person responsible for putting together the room of people in Mike Eisenhart’s piece linked above…..that right there speaks volumes!  I will just add that Jason is always one of the first phone calls I make when I need input.  Y’ALL MUST MEET THIS MAN.

Quinn Worden @PTsareHeros      Look at the guy’s twitter handle!…he’s not a PT!  I have never met a better connector of people than Quinn.  Every time (not exaggerating) I see Quinn he introduces me to someone who will make a change.  Again in NOLA he did not disappoint.  Within 1 minute of seeing him on Wednesday he introduced me to Daryl.  Then when I woke up this AM, my first day back, Quinn had emailed us to make sure we had contact info.  All I can say is watch out world when Boston meets SF!  Quinn always brings the change!

Rynn and Scott @TeamTheraVid     Two guys who epitomize the entrepreneur spirit we need in the profession.  Not afraid to talk to everyone.  Ask lots of questions.  Process information.  Get their information from every source possible.  Meet these guys and you will see the future.

Jeff Hathaway @proactivept     No one is currently doing more to directly show our value to the insurance companies AND getting us paid for it!  Dont ask me, ask him!  You are gonna wanna know this guy sooner than later….and yes, thank me in advance.

Larry Benz @physicaltherapy      Try this next time you see or talk with Larry; lead with, “so what are you doing these days?”, then sit back and be ready to listen!  You wanna talk about making the future.  Believe we need more empathy in the profession?  He gathered all the research and made a course!  Believe PT education isn’t structured properly?!?!…I will let you follow up with him on that.  I highly recommend regular conversations with Larry.  I recommend breakfast with chicken and waffles.

The #pelvicmafia      Far too many to reference here, just search the hashtag on twitter and follow and engage every one of them!  This group is blazing their own trail and they will do it their way and succeed!  They don’t care how its been done in the past, they will do it in the way that it will get done.  And a side note, when the party is still going until 5AM…look around and see who’s still there………..

“In The End The Question Can Only Be Answered By Action”

All the above are about Action!